Main Features :

  • Material : A remarkable bracelet combining silver and yellow gold, weighing 14.5 grams of silver and 1.5 gram of yellow gold, offering a unique combination of materials.

  • Diamonds: Adorned with sparkling diamonds totaling 0.5 carat, this bracelet adds a touch of luxury and radiance to your wrist.

  • Precious stones : Embellished with precious stones, including 0.36 Carat of pink tourmaline, 0.48 Carat de Topaze, 0.20 Carat de Citrine, 0.18 Carat de Topaz, and 0.2 Carat de Tourmaline, this bracelet offers a palette of colors vibrant and elegant.

This Sana silver and yellow gold bracelet is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship, brilliantly combining the richness of materials and the beauty of precious stones to create an exceptional jewel.

Each jewelry piece is "custom made" by ASHAHA. The time between ordering, creation and delivery is 4 to 6 weeks.

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