Dana Ring

Carats of gold:

Main Features :

  • Material : A sumptuous yellow gold ring, weighing 17.60 grams, for a majestic look and an incomparable quality.

  • Diamonds: Luxurious ornaments totaling 1.80 carats of diamonds, adding a dazzling shine and a timeless charm.

  • Pink sapphires: Delicate touches of 0.80 carat of pink sapphires, offering a touch of soft and feminine color.

  • Central drop opal: Opal central drop, adding a note of mystery and elegance to the center of the ring.

This dana ring in yellow gold, with its 17.60 g, its 1.80 carats of diamonds, its 0.80 carat of pink sapphires and its central drop opal, is the perfect balance between luxury, sophistication and natural charm.

Each jewelry piece is "custom made" by ASHAHA. The time between ordering, creation and delivery is 4 to 6 weeks.

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