AFSA Silver Bracelet

Carats of gold:

Main Features :

  • Material : Elegant 4.5 gram silver bracelet, combining style and durability.
  • Diamonds: Adorned with 0.24 carat of diamonds, bringing a subtle and sophisticated shine.
  • Pink sapphires: Accentuated by 0.24 carat of pink sapphires, adding a touch of delicate femininity.
  • Topaz: Incorporating 0.21 Carat de Topaze, offering a shade of soothing blue.
  • Peridot: Embeddown to 0.24 Carat de Péridot, for a vibrant touch of green.

The AFSA bracelet, a harmonious fusion of silver, sparkling diamonds, tender pink sapphires, soothing topaz and vibrant peridot, creating an exceptional jewel that captivates the eye.

Each jewelry piece is "custom made" by ASHAHA. The time between ordering, creation and delivery is 4 to 6 weeks.

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